Work to please others

Under the sky in winter poor’s troubles nights
People deprived of breads ’slice
To support the families child labor
Suicide in depression of the cultivator

Millionaires residing in splendid castles
Gorging delicious foods just like cattles
Descendents sustaining on inheritance left
Hedonistic tired of leisure and rest

Civilized twenty first century is so
People aim money and to desires they bow
Full of paradoxes mentioned above
Riches from rich to poor do not go

People are in quest for a valid solution
For the biggest challenge called environmental pollution
Many isms they applied but failed all
Peace does not answer though repeatedly they it call

The teachings of Islam let us put in practice
Partiality will run away dominate will justice
All of us are descendents of Adam and Eve
Why there is attitude of ‘I and you’

Dream High

You need no money for dreaming high
For man is wondrous creation,think of reaching sky
Going to the moon was impossible task
In space man flying ,ws a foolish talk

None had thought such wide communications
There were to regions confined relations
Now a days all things have become common
We govern space and even earth ocean

Neverthless millions suffer from hunger
Neuclear arms put the humans in danger
Don’t the widow’s mourn yoou listen ?
Orphan’a cries without parents and kin.

No one is free to serve the weak
Only more money ,wealth they seek
Chastity, dignity are at stake
Morality has been sold as hot cake

Stand up and the tears of oppressed wipe
Help them smile and lead happy life
Teach the world you the lessons of humanity
Make the world peaceful ,spread morality


Crescent In Dark Night

The crescent in dark night
Reminds me of eye brow shining bright

People looked for Eid moon in the sky
In her lightning face found the same I

How you dare show?O deer!
Your eye to my dear?

Your borrowed beauty stands nowhere
Once with eyes of hers you compare

The World To Be Left Tomorrow

One asked me ‘why no interest you show
In material gains and world rainbow?’

Difficult question and tough to reply
So, a lot of thought to it gave I

Come, live and go the world is so!
We desire mortal world to be left tomorrow!

Pleasant life of world none should abstain
If got without weak and poor’s exploitation

Garlands seem beautiful in leaders’ neck
Scores of flowers when put to death in a moment

Rotational shift of money in people’s hand
Taught me a lesson and made me understand

Thou shouldn’t be proud of what can be
In other’s possession who is weaker than thee

Materials satisfy hunger and not the soul
Achievement of spirituality should too be our goal

Pain Of Love

O pain of love! You would be homeless no more
Come, my lone heart is waiting for you

A dwelling unpopulated so far
This is decorated for some one lucky

Billions live in world desiring necklace of pearls
But a few are those who dive in sea

Strong lion believes in oneness of partner
More and more but seek we